Artificial Reef at The Marina Mindarie

The Conservation of our Marine Environment is an absolute priority, not just for Governments but for the broader community. One of the many ways in which we can begin to undo the damage caused by human impact on the marine environment is by installing artificial reefs around our coastline.

The benefits of artificial reefs are recognised around the world as positively impacting local communities and aquatic environments. An artificial reef is any man-made or altered material placed into an aquatic environment to mimic certain characteristics of a natural reef and can often shift diving and fishing pressure from other locations.

Artificial reefs enhance fisheries by creating additional habitat and shelter as well as food sources and a colonising surface for organisms such as algae, coral and sponges. The reefs also create different habitats by causing variations to hydrological effects such as shade, temperature, water movement and interstitial spacing (habitat between reef modules). These factors combine to create diverse marine communities and ecosystems.

The Marina Mindarie proposes an artificial reef is developed in Mindarie. An artificial reef will aid in enhancing the habitat for fish, fishing and recreational activities as well as increasing tourism opportunities for the area.

Opportunities include 

  • Scuba diving trail
  • Safe fishing for families
  • Safe swimming 

To register your support for an artificial reef please follow the link below