At Home- Fab’s Classic Carbonara

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If you have been to Ritrovo, you almost certainly have tried Fab’s classic Carbonara.  This is a traditional style, without cream but if you prefer you can add pouring cream at the last step. This recipe serves four. 


320 grams of spaghetti

75 grams finely diced white onion 

150 grams diced pancetta 

2 glasses of red wine (one for the pan, one for you!) 

4 egg yolks 

2 whole eggs

25 grams pecorino romano 

25 grams parmiggiano reggiano 

Salt & pepper



Boil water with a pinch of salt water in a medium sized pot. Add the pasta & cook until al dente.


In a large fry pan sauté the onions with a table spoon of oil, on medium heat for a couple of minutes until soft and clear.  Add the pancetta and stir regularly until gold and crispy, add black pepper (1 teaspoon). Pour two glasses of red wine, one for yourself and one for the pan.  Reduce the flame. Let it simmer very slowly until there is no liquid remaining. 


While the pan is simmering, crack the eggs and separate them. Whisk the four yolks with the two whole egss with the pecorino and parmiggiano cheese in a large bowl big enough to contain the pasta.


One the spaghetti is cooked, transfer tothe frypan and strir, you can also add 20ml off the water from the pasta.  Increase the heat until the water in the pan is boiling.  Let it absorb the water.  


Transfer the spaghetti into the bowl with the eggs and cheese and stir all together. Serve immediately.  Pair with a glass of a crisp Italian Pinot Grigrio or if you prefer red, a Montepulciano.