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Charity Bingo – Raising money for children’s winter uniforms

7PM March 29th

Raising money for children’s winter uniforms
$20 entry full proceeds go to the Manna Winter School Uniform Program Manna have been operating their Winter School Uniform Program raising money throughout Perth since 2008, when they saw that many children attending the Manna Breakfast Programs at Primary Schools were not appropriately dressed in winter. Some came to school wet and cold because they did not have a jacket. Many were dressed in just shorts/skirt and a
t-shirt, as all they had, was the summer version of the school uniform. School attendance was affected because of sickness or embarrassment.
The children that Manna help are often developmentally vulnerable, have unstable home lives and see things that no child should see. They come to school hungry and lack the necessary clothing to keep them warm and dry in winter months. Manna is committed to helping improve the lives of these children by meeting their basic needs of food and clothing.
Through the Winter School Uniform Program, uniform packs are provided to needy children in low socio-economic area schools. Each pack consists of a full winter uniform and a parka to keep them warm and dry in the winter months. Many schools have a set uniform policy and disadvantaged
children suffer if their family cannot afford to buy the appropriate uniform. In many instances these children are ostracised by their peers and other parents for looking different, especially if they turn up to school in street clothes.

The Indi are looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible here at our fundraiser to support Manna in achieving their goal in purchasing over 1000 winter school uniforms.



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