Cabana Poolside Bar & BBQ is open

Friday to Sunday : 11am until late

We have created a menu that is fun to share. The best way to order is to start with some tasty bites from our starters to enjoy whilst choosing options from the grill to match with a selection of sides. We want you to share and enjoy!

Cabana serves a range of craft brews from neighbouring Indian Ocean Brewing Company, including Pale Ale, Lager, Street Beer and Cider, in addition to these delicious brews Cabana has an extensive draught and bottled beer options available and a wide selection of fruit based cocktails, wines and spirits.

To make a reservation phone 9400 1173

(The office is closed mon-wed all reservations left on the message bank will be confirmed 10am, Thursdays)

To book a private function or a Cabana phone 9400 1186


  cabana lamb  DL Sunday Session

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